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Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Blurred Lines co is a result of four like-minded individuals living the dream of creating a community defined by comfort with a conscience. We believe that everyone is entitled to a comfortable style without denting the bank. Hence why Blurred Lines clothing leaves our community stoked with money left in their pockets. Blurred Lines co aims to blur high-performance clothing with style through creating apparel and accessory solutions to satisfy your lifestyle in and out the water, on and off the golf course, at the braai or the office. Work hard, play hard in blurred lines.
Tackle your 9-5 or live your adventure in Blurred Lines.

Blurred Lines is driven by versatility, we seek to challenge the norm and complement our high-performance community who strive to work hard and play hard. Blurred Lines co encourages its blurred community to live the blurred life by meeting their professional demands while pursuing their passions. Quality, comfort and style are non-negotiable in our versatile and refreshing apparel that allows one to pursue this lifestyle in all walks of life, whether it is through golf, surf or at the office.

Blurred Lines co was inspired by the founders’ personal backgrounds which are heavily invested in surfing, bodyboarding and golf culture which has lead to the creation of a style that blurs each of these disciplines into one clothing style, a blurred style. Blurred Lines co offers a variety of refreshing T-Shirts, Polo Shirts & Mandarin Shirts and various blurred accessories.


Live Blurred In Blurred Lines Clothing Co


The name Blurred Lines can be applied throughout all walks of life and embodies the soul of our organisation as we want to encourage you to live a life that is blurred with business and pleasure. This ideology is what inspires Blurred Lines to craft clothing that appeals to the lifestyle where one can walk from the office to the golf course, the beach and/or the braai without a change of clothes.
Everything begins with a perfect garment. From fit and feel to weight and colour, our garments are complete with timeless artwork.

Feel good, while doing good and above all look good doing it!
Blurred Lines strongly believes in the idea of “Local is Lekker”. Hence why all of our apparel is created in Cape Town, South Africa and offer an ultra-soft fit. With stylish designs, relaxed fit and comfortable materials, each Blurred Lines item enable its user to live blurred life. Blurred Lines offers an unconventional and fresh perspective to life as we design clothing to encourage our family to fulfil their daily duties while pursuing their dreams.

With sustainability in mind, Blurred Lines attempts to omit the use of all single-use plastic from the supply chain and to engage with our communities, a percentage of the profits from every T-shirt sale is donated Waves For Change. The donation goes specifically towards the Waves For Change transport initiative which assists in getting their kids to the beach safely as well as allowing the surfing coaches to conduct home visits for the kids.



Live Blurred In Blurred Lines Clothing Co




The icon is more than just a stamp, it is a graphical reflection of Blurred Lines as it can be interpreted to have many different meanings. Some see it as the sun setting on the horizon whereas, for others, it can be a golf ball sitting on the fairway, use your imagination. This polysemantic symbol effectively represents who Blurred Lines is and the definition and visual interpretation being blurred in meaning.

Live the blurred life in Blurred Lines by joining our family and making the world more blurred that allows one to live, work and play all at once whether it’s through surfing, golfing and creating.



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