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Stylish Masks For Covid-19

We’re aware that life after COVID 19 will never be the same. The aftermath of this pandemic is going to result in a huge lifestyle adjustment in all aspects of our lives.

 The way we work, socialise and exercise will never be the same as people are now more cautious of who they are engaging with and where they are going. We have to adapt to the current challenges we face to help make this new lifestyle transition easier. At the fore of this new reality is one fashion accessory that today, is as important as a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. 

 That is…

 … A Mask. 

It has been communicated by the government that one can no longer leave their home without a mask to cover up their mouth and nose and protect them from the invisible soldiers that can infect us with COVID 19. Since these masks are a necessity and are as crucial to us (if not more) than wearing socks with your shoes, why not choose the right mask to keep you safe. 


Why do we need to wear masks?

Masks are there to keep us safe as well as other around us as they prevent the spreading of the COVID 19 virus. So, since these are an essential accessory, why not choose the right mask that’ll keep you safe as well as keep you looking stylish when you:

  • doing your morning exercise between 6-9
  • hitting up your nearest Pick n Pay
  • collecting that takeaway from your favourite restaurant you’ve been craving since we went into lockdown.

Now I know what you thinking, “masks are uncomfortable”, “they don’t fit my face”, “the material isn’t lekker”, “they not going to be around for much longer”. 

 Don’t worry, we feel your problems!

That’s why we’ve done one better. We are coming in hot with a fresh new Neck Tube! 

Neck Tube Buff mask covid 19


What is a Neck Tube?

(Otherwise known as a Neck Warmer, Neck Gaiter or Tope)

A neck tube/neck gaiter or neck warmer, is a clothing accessory that is usually worn around the neck to keep us warm. It is a closed tube of fabric which can easily be slipped on and off one’s head. Neck tubes have various uses as they have the ability to be pulled up over the mouth to keep out wind, sand and COVID 19.

 This Neck Tube was created to not only defend you against the invisible forces of COVID 19 but to also add some style and grace to this mandatory fashion accessory so there’s no need to look like a surgeon when you filling your shopping cart or having a jog. 


Why do you use a neck tube/neck gaiter?

Going into winter, a neck gaiter will do more good than ever as it can be worn in many different ways to keep you warm and simultaneously safe. Apart from being washable and versatile other major benefits using a neck gators over masks is that they suit all forms of weather as they offer:

          • Insulation for the cold days
          • Keeps your neck, face and head cool for the warm days
          • Offer UV protection
          • Break the wind when that South Easter howls 
          • Moisture-wicking any sweat-based moisture from the skin
          • Dries quickly
          • Protects from outside wetness
          • Most importantly, Easily breathable


Therefore, neck gators are great for any form of exercise or leisure such as running, walking, cycling, golf, even surfing and robbing a bank(but we advise against the last one, it won’t look good on either you or us).


Who makes the best Neck Tubes/ Neck Gaitors?

Who do you think? Us, of course.

We have partnered with Surf Sense, a surf shop in St Francis creating bespoke costumes with nothing but recycled plastic bottles (RPET)

Together we bring you the Ocean Minded Neck tube, a sustainable Neck Tube created with the off-cuts of old clothing and costumes and made entirely out of RPET. This clothing accessory is not only trendy and stylish but also an environmentally conscious one as it has turned trash into treasure.

Neck Tube

A Neck tube that will keep you protected from COVID 19 and other airborne infections while simultaneously keeping you looking stylish when you are out and about.



Benefits of the neck tube include:

— The tubes are made with the same material and each unit recycles 4 plastic bottles 

— UV protection (UPF 50+)

— Moisture Wicking

— Anti-Phunk oder control

— Easily Breathable

— Insulation for the cold days

— Keeps you cool on the warm days

— Wind Breaker

These neck tubes are for the whole family as it is a One Size Fits All (OSFA) device so you can rock it like a team.

Click here to see the product.



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